F5 FAMILY SECRETS 2in1 - Linda Castillo + Vickie Taylor

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This used series suspense book is in good reading condition, though it has scuffing to cover and edge wear.

Family Secrets 2in1

category romance
Harlequin M&B AUS 2005

RIPPLE EFFECT – Vickie Taylor
In The News: Seth Evans, dashing CEO of Evans Yachts
Family History: Sought-after eldest son and heir to the Evans empire
Deepest Secret: Working on a classified submarine prototype...and masking his desire for his lovely assistant
Seth Evans kept his feelings as tightly buttoned as his Armani suits. But when an act of sabotage destroyed his yacht and left him stranded on a deserted island with Emma Carpenter, the powerful executive wondered not if they'd survive but how long he could maintain his self-control around his shy secretary. Soon the steamy nights of watching over sweet Emma were getting too hot to handle, and he surrendered to the ultimate temptation. But once they returned to civilization, world-weary Seth vowed to keep his distance. Yet all actions had consequences—and theirs was due in nine months....

In The News: Ex-navy search and rescue pilot Drew Evans
Family History: His adopted brother is one of the genetically engineered Extraordinary Five
Deepest Secret: Haunted by the only mission he failed
Hardened hero Drew Evans had thought his tragic past was behind him, until the woman he'd secretly loved—his best friend's widow—stepped back into his solitary life. But single mom Alison Myers was in need of his help to save her ailing son—and quench her own hidden longings. Alison had never expected to see devastatingly handsome Drew again, the one man who made her feel the forbidden stirrings of passion. But could she trust him with the two most precious things in her life...her son and her heart?

F5 Family Secrets